The Crafterpreneur Studio Tour

I HAVE A STUDIO GUYS!!!A studio that”s not in my home… like I have to leave my house to get to it. *whaaaaaaat?*

It”s been a long time coming for me and now I”ve finally found my dream space.

It needs some work… a lot of work, but you know what that means…. I get to flex my crafting muscles.
So, with what might be my most ambitious project so far, I am going to attempt to craft and DIY almost everything I need for the studio. That”s right muchacho… tables, chairs, shelving, cushions, rugs, planters and anything else I reckon I can do. Can”t exactly have a Crafterpreneur studio without crafting the place myself can I?
Stay tuned for videos on my makes, tutorials and a grand unveiling!
In the mean time, I”ve been looking at studio spaces I love for inspiration on Pinterest and have filmed a sneaky before video so you can see what I”m working with. Can you tell what colour palette I”m leaning towards?


*all images are from pinterest*