Poms Away! 3 ways to make Pom Poms

Poms Away! 3 ways to make Pom Poms

First, I feel I need to address a serious issue.  Pom poms are not just for kids. It’s true, they are a fun way to play and craft with the little angels but who says that adults can’t have a bit of Pom Pom magic for themselves?? #adultspomtoo  I mean, what’s not to love about these balls of fluff?
They can be made in a variety of sizes and also be used to make a whole bunch of things. (like gift toppers for instance)I love pom poms and I want to make sure you do too!!
So let’s make some!IMG_8807I’m sure you may remember the way you made them in school. The cardboard circles, the endless wrapping, the time…. I have 3 ways that will give you ALL the pom poms in a fraction of the time.
Ready? Good.


Pom Making
The Fork Method:
Materials:Fork- small or large for different size poms.

  1. Cut a small length of yarn for tying. About 30 cm will do. Set aside for later.
  2. Loop your yarn through the middle spoke to secure the end and then wrap the yarn around the outside of the fork, keeping your wraps close to the middle of the fork. Think spaghetti and you have the right idea.
  3. Wind your yarn about 25-35 times. The more you wrap the denser the pom pom. Keep them tight.
  4. Use the small tie you cut earlier to tie off the wrapped yarn.  Do this by poking the tie through the middle opening at the top and bottom of the fork.
  5. Tie them together loosely and slip the fork out of the yarn wrap. Once it”s off the fork tighten the tie creating a bow like shape. Knot in place. Double knot for security.
  6. Take some sharp scissors and cut the loops made from tying the yarn. As you cut each loop around the edge you will see the Pom Pom starting to take shape.
  7. Once you have cut all the loops. Give it a little trim to make the pom pom rounded and symmetrical.


Pom making 2
The Finger method
This is exactly the same as the fork method. But you are using 2 fingers to wrap around instead of a fork. You can use 3 fingers for a larger pom pom. Just remember to wrap the yarn more to make them full and fluffy. 


Pom Making 3
The Multi-Pom technique.
For this you will need something with 2 wide set legs. Like a upside down chair or table. I used my copper ladder which I had made in a previous DIY.
Also yarn and scissors.
For this tutorial I wanted to show you how to make pom poms with multiple colours.


  1. Tie some yarn around the outside of your chosen legs (ladder/chair/table/human)
  2. Keep wrapping yarn around the outside till you have a nice thick band of colour.
  3. To switch colour: cut the end of your yarn and tie the end piece to the new colour yarn. Then, carry on wrapping. You can do this as many times as you like. GO FULL RAINBOW!!!
  4. Once you are happy with the thickness, Tie the end of the yarn to a free end from the beginning to hold in place.
  5. Depending on the space between the two ends work out how many pom poms you can make. My space would roughly give me about 8 poms. Cut ties in the number of poms you would like to make.
  6. Lay each tie in equal spaces along the band of yarn. ~Then tie each one tightly with double knots.
  7. It should look like a sections ponytail or something similar.
  8. Cut in the centre between each tie. Each time you cut, you should be pulling the yarn tight and yielding a pom pom. Slide the ends of the leg and cut the loops open.
  9. Fluff out and trim all your pom poms to shape.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 01.07.29
Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 01.06.31
Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 01.11.35This method is particularly good if you need to make a bunch in a short time. The whole thing takes between 5-12 mins.

A quick note on colour changing pom poms

Through my many experiments with colours, I found that if you change the colours with a single yarn then this results in a spotty effect. If you do two different coloured yarns together then it’s a mixed ball of equal coverage.
To get a half and half effect you need to wrap one colour above another. When you tie them together, they should remain as two separate colour halves.
Now you have all the tools for making pom poms. Check out my previous post where I made some super cute hair accessories.
I would love to see all of your pom poms and all of your makes with them.

What are you waiting for!!?! It”s POM POM TIME!!!!