Off The Shoulder Love

Off The Shoulder Love

The off the shoulder style is having a moment (again) and this time round I wanted to hook you up with a summery dress that I guarantee you will wear over and over again.This is nice and easy, Perfect for any beginners looking to get stuck into a project that is not too difficult. It also yields a pretty cute dress so all together winning on this one.
I loved the result so much that I made myself a top version, packed them both up and jumped on a flight all the way to Milan to test it’s awesomeness* in one of the fashion capitals.

The off the shoulder style is having a moment (again) and this time round I wanted to hook you up with a summery dress you will love.
italy 2
italy 3
italy 4

THAT is a fashion pose right there… everyone is doing it. **true story
*I may have tested a gelato or 3.

Let’s get to making!!

I’ve made a video to follow along but as always, instructions are below!


You will need:

Fabric of your choice – try to go for a fabric with a large width. e.g 60″ wide
Measuring Tape
Elastic – I used 1 inch elastic
Tailors chalk
Sewing Machine and matching thread.


    1. First measure how long you want your dress to be. Use a measuring tape and measure from your mid shoulder (where the dress will start) to where you want the dress to end. add 4 inches (10 cm) to this measurement. This is for hemming and  the elastic casing.


  1. Measure the amount of elastic needed around your shoulders by placing round so its firm but not too tight.
  2. Do the same with the elastic around your bust area.  Cut your shoulder and bust measurements out in the elastic.
  3. Lay the fabric out flat and mark your dress length (plus the 4”) onto the fabric. Cut a straight line across the fabric. You should have a large rectangle. This will be the main dress.
  4. Decide on the length of your ruffle. Measure this on the remainder of the fabric and cut this out. It should look like a thinner rectangle to the dress.
  5. With right sides together  join the open ends of the main dress together length ways with a straight stitch. Make sure to line up any patterns in your fabric. This should give you a circular tube.
  6. Using the bust elastic, measure a 2 inch line at the top of your dress tube. This is where we will fold over and sew down for the elastic casing.
  7. Stitch in a straight stitch around the top of the tube. Leave a small opening to thread the elastic.
  8. Use a safety-pin or knitting needle to thread the elastic into the casing and out the other side of the small opening.
  9. Make sure the elastic is straight and then sew the ends together with a Zig zag stitch.
  10. Close the small opening with a straight stitch.
  11. Distribute the gathering so it’s even all around.
  12. Repeat steps 6-12 with your ruffle fabric and shoulder elastic.
  13. To join the ruffle to the dress, lay the ruffle flat and open it up to the inside. Pin the dress at the centre Front and Centre Back of the ruffle.
  14. Stitch the pinned parts together with a zig zag stitch. With the dress now attached to the ruffle, it will create some ”armholes” and help combat any… ahem.. wardrobe malfunctions. (I got your back)
  15. All that left is to hem the ruffled edge and the dress edge. Fold over the edge 1 cm and then fold over a second time. Stitch the hem into place with straight stitch.

That’s it!!! That was easy.. no?
If you want to make a top version you can this by shortening the dress to waist length. If you don’t want the top to be open at the bottom, you can add an elasticated edge by making another casing at the hemline and inserting elastic with your waist measurements.  There are so many options for this item. It really is a versatile piece.
Why not make it in a slinky, drapey fabric and drop the hem to the floor? or use a mesh/netting fabric, slash it at the high waist and wear it at the beach over your bikini with cutoffs? What about a contrast ruffle?? As I said.. too many options!!
So as I have shown you mine… will you show me yours?? Tag me on Instagram, Twitter or on YouTube and let me see what you have been making!! I’ll be sure to put a round-up of my fave makes on my Instagram to share with everyone.

Go treat yourself to some ice-cream. or gelato… mmmmmm!