Halloween DIY: Magical Unicorn

Halloween DIY: Magical Unicorn

Because who doesn’t want to be a magical Unicorn?

Welcome to my first halloween tutorial ever! I am soo late with getting this to you. It has honestly been a weird couple of months. From moving house to weddings and dealing with illness. I feel like I neglected this blog and my channel. BUT DON’T WORRY… I’M BACK NOW.  I finally have a working space, I am in good health and I have been itching to get started on Halloween so I thought I would start with a fun one. There are a few parts to this one but they are all pretty easy to follow and look great.

Let’s all be unicorns!!!


You Need:

For the Unicorn Horn and Ears:

White Felt (Here)

1 sheet of White foam paper (Here)

1 sheet of Pink foam paper (Here)

Glue Gun

Plain headband

Scissors/ craft knife

Paper and pen

Embroidery thread in matching and contrast colours

Cushion stuffing


For the Mane and magical tail:

1 Roll of velcro 

Measuring tape

White fabric I used cotton Canvas material

Glue gun/Glue

1-2 packs of artificial hair extensions (mine here)

Sewing Machine

Jewellery beads/gems (Here)


Let’s start with the headband that will support the horn and the ears.


How To:

Using a picture for reference or just by eye, Draw an ear template on some paper. I used some card as this will be used to cut a few templates out. Add a tab on the bottom of the template so it can be fixed onto the headband.  Draw an inner ear in the larger ear template and cut them both out. You only need the outside of the larger ear so you can cut the inner out of that with a craft knife.


Use the larger template to cut 4 pieces out of the white foam. Use the inner ear piece to cut 2 pieces out of the Pink foam. Glue the two inner pieces onto one pair of the white outer pieces. You should now have a front pair (with inner ) and back pair (plain) of ears.  


Grab the headband and mark where you want to place the ears. Leave enough space for the horn to be placed in the middle. Starting with the back pair. Glue the tabs to the underside of the headband so that the ear folds over the outer edge of the headband. Do the same for front pair, glue the tab over the top of the back tab. Once dry, join the front and back pair together at the tip of the ear with a small blob of glue. Do the same for the other ear.


Now you should have some cute ears to try on. If you were going to be another animal, this would be an easy way of making the ears!!!


For the horn, fold your felt into a triangle. I mostly eyeballed this as I wanted the triangle to be long. Once you get the size you are looking for. Pin it together and cut off the excess. Machine stitch the longer side closed and turn to the inside. Stuff the cone with cushion stuffing until it’s full and fairly firm. Cut off the excess felt at the base and then use the embroidery thread in a matching colour to sew close the hole. Cut a small piece of felt about the same size as the base, this will cover the underside of the headband to secure the horn.


In a contrast colour, make a small stitch at the base of the cone. Wrap the thread around the cone diagonally so that the cone changes to a twisted horn shape. Secure the stitch at the top of the horn with a knot and a small dab of glue.

Now it’s time to glue the base of the horn on the headband between the ears. Tilt the horn so that it points forward at an angle instead of straight up. Glue the small piece to the underside of the headband and around the base of the cone to secure.


That’s it! You now have the CUTEST horn ever! Sprinkle with a bit of glitter or a few gems and you are ready to go!


Onto the mane and tail.


How to:

To do this you need 3 measurements. Your neck plus 1-2 inch 2 waist plus 1-2 inch and neck to mid-thigh.


With these measurements draw out  3 rectangle with widths of between 3 and 5 inches.

(I used 3 inches for the neck, 4 inches for the waist and 5 inches for the longest measurement)

Once you have cut them out, fold each rectangle in half long ways and sew one short end and the long edge.

Turn to the inside, Press flat and fold the final edge in a machine sew closed.

You should be left with 3 bands.


Mark on the neck-band and waistband with pins where you want the velcro to go and also the middle point of both.


Cut small squares of velcro and attach them to the neck and waist band by sewing around the perimeter of the velcro.

Measure the distance between your neck and your waist and mark with a pin on the longest band.

Pin your neck-band to the top of the long band at the center point. Pin your waistband at the marker in the center point.

Stitch them together by sewing a square with a line going through it.

Try it on for size. You should have a long tail hanging free from the waist.


Now we add hair. LOTS OF HAIR!!

Cut the hair wefts into little sections that are the width of the band.

1-2 packs should be enough.

Starting from the bottom of the hanging edge, glue the hair to the band line by line. By the time you get to the top of the neck the hair should cover all the other wefts. You should be left with nice long mane and a swishy tail!!


Conceal the last weft with a few stick on beads and hot glue a few gems into the mane to give it a sparkle effect. I put a few curls in the mane to make it more magical.

Feel free to add a few gems to your choker  and belt front to jazz them up. And remember to cover yourself in glitter!!!

All done.


All that’s left is to put on some white clothes, a colourful wig, some silver shoes and… Unicorn Perfection.


uni3 uni4 uni9

If you decide to make this you will need a couple of hours to complete. This can be easily done in a morning session or a crafty afternoon.