DIY: Travel Mask

DIY: Travel Mask

So let’s be real for a moment, getting a good night’s sleep on a plane or a train (or automobile) is tricky. It’s often noisy, and even with your eyes closed you can still see the glaring lights. Relaxing trip… not so much.  So with this in mind, I decided to give this DIY a go on my recent trip Hong Kong. This DIY Travel Mask can be made in about 40 mins from start to finish and can also be made in pretty much any fabric. You do not need a lot of fabric to make this project so you can dig into that fabric scrap pile that you have been trying to figure out how to use. You are welcome. Also they make pretty good gifts.. because everyone’s gotta sleep sometime right??




You Need:

Main Fabric

Lining Fabric



Matching Thread

1/2in Elastic



Sewing Machine



How To:


1. Cut out the template and then use this to cut out your fabric, wadding and Lining. You need one of each as well as a long rectangle strip of 1.5inch by 35 inches long. This is what the strap will be made from.

2. Cut a 1/2in around the outside of the wadding piece. This is so we can fit it inside the mask once it has been sewn. Put to one side.

3. With your strap material and string, fold the fabric length ways, rights sides facing. Secure the string on the inside of the fold with a straight stitch. Continue to pin the fold closed trapping the string in the centre of the folded fabric. Sew a 3/8in seam down the entire length of the strap. Use the string to turn the strap right sides out by pulling on the free end turning the fabric in on itself. (the video shows this) Once you have down this trim the attached part off and then give it a good ole’press.

4. Next we add the elastic. First measure how much you need by placing the elastic around the back of your head from ear to ear. gently pull on the elastic so it is a little stretched and cut at that length. attach a safety pin to one end and use this to thread through the strap pinning both edges to stop the elastic from moving. Stitch both ends closed when you get the end. You should be left with a nice gathered stretchy strap. YAY!

Pin your new strap to the front piece, right side up. use the template to determine where to pin the straps. either baste or pin in place.

5. Grab your lining piece and sandwich over the front piece (front sides facing) Make sure the strap is in the middle of the mask away from the edges. The only part that should be touching the edges are the end of the straps. Stitch around the mask with a 1/2 seam allowance leaving a small opening at the top of the mask for turning and adding the wadding. Trim down the edges, notching where needed, turn right sides out and give it a good press.

6. Now it’s time to add the wadding! Insert the wadding through the small opening and make sure it’s laying flat even on both sides. Once you are happy with that, close up the small hole with either an invisible hand stitch or machine stitch,  Now you can stop here if you want, and have a great little travel mask or you can topstitch around the edge to further add to the design.

That’s it!! All done! Now you can raid your scrap fabric stash and make one in every colour and pattern! Or you can take a bunch of selfies like I did. #sorrynotsorry