DIY Simple Bikini -Video

DIY Simple Bikini -Video

GUYS… I made my own bikini. This is news.

I can make most things but underwear and swimwear were garments that I had steered clear of until recently. Too many little things that can go wrong, ya know?  So when I was looking online for a bikini and found a style that I not only liked but it looked like I could make it myself… well lets say I was more than ready to get into action. So after a bit of picture studying and rooting around my gym closet, I came up with this simple bikini. This bikini follows the same shape as sports bra/crop top with a low scoop back. It’s comfy, supportive and fairly easy to make.

Shall we get into it? As always I made a video for you to watch if reading is not your thing.

DIY Simple Bikini


You Need

Swimsuit Fabric 1.5m
Sewing Machine/Overlocker
Pattern Paper
Fave Crop Top/ Sports Bra
Fave Pants
Scissors – both Fabric and Paper
Elastic – 1 Inch
Elastic 1/2 Inch

Simple Marble Print Bikini

How To

First, make the pattern on paper, this way you can make any adjustments and use again if you want to make another pair. Start by folding your pattern paper in half.

Fold your sports bra/crop top in half at the centre and trace from shoulder seam to side seam onto the pattern paper. Line up the centre front with the fold on the paper. Add a 1.5cm seam allowance around the outside, the centre line with be cut on the fold of the fabric so there doesn’t need to be a seam allowance there. Add extra space at the bottom of the bikini top to make the elastic casing . This should be 2 x the elastic width plus 1.5 seam allowance. Cut two of this.

Trace the front and back of your fave pants, adding a 1.5 seam allowance all the way around the pattern. Cut one of each.

Cut out your pattern pieces in your chosen fabric. Make sure the direction with the greatest stretch is horizontal on the pattern. This will make the bikini fit better as the fabric can stretch over the curves of your body.

Lay the top pieces right sides together. Sew together at the side seams and shoulder seams using a overlocker or a zig zag stitch on a sewing machine. Repeat the process for the pants sewing all three sides together.

Try on the bikini and see how it fits. Once you have a good fit, finish all the raw edges with a zig zag stitch or overlocker

Measure the larger elastic around your waist, stretching a bit for a snug fit.

To create your elastic casing, turn in the seam allowance at the bottom of the top. Pin in place and top stitch all the way round leaving a 2 inch gap for threading.

Thread the elastic through the small hole and once through the other side stitch the elastic together. Stretch out the top so the remaining elastic slides int place then top stitch the 2 inch opening closed.

Fold over the raw edges of the top to the inside and top stitch down.

To add elastic to the pants, place the smaller elastic so it is flush with the edge on the RIGHT SIDE of the fabric. Stitch directly onto the fabric, stretching the elastic and keeping the fabric steady as you go. Overlap the elastic a little at the end to secure. Do this for all three openings.

Fold the elastic to the inside of the pants and topstitch into place. do this for all three openings.


Simple Marble Print Bikini

That’s it!! You can marvel at the brand new bikini you have just made for yourself!!!!