DIY Puff Sleeve Wrap Top

DIY Puff Sleeve Wrap Top

Let’s talk about the wrap top… you know which one I’m talking about. The one that’s all over Pinterest and Instagram…? The one with the awesome puffy sleeves and wrapped up to perfection? Yeh, that wrap top.  It became my mission to find a way to make this top so I can make one in all the delicious prints I have collected over the years. Eventually I figured out the easiest way to do this… and now I’m gonna show you!! All you need is about 2 meters of a cotton type fabric (shirting works best) a sewing machine (plus basics) a shirt you already own and pattern paper.

Note: this version I made is fitted, if you want a loose version to pull off the shoulders,  you will need to use a looser shirt to trace. Or add a few inches in the back.


You Need:

2.5 Meters Cotton Fabric
Sewing Machine
Scissors (Fabric/Paper)
Dress Shirt
Pattern paper

DIY Puff Sleeve Wrap Top

How To:

Step 1
Using your shirt, fold in half and trace the back shape onto pattern paper. Trace around the arm holes and under the collar. Add a 1/2 inch seam allowance around the outer edge. Cut out the pattern.

Step 2
Trace around the front of the shirt but instead of tracing down the middle where the shirt opens, draw a line across the shirt from the neck point to the opposite waist. Add a 1/2 inch seam allowance around the edge  Cut out the pattern.

Step 3
Time to cut pout the fabric!, Cut one back piece on the fold, lining up the flat edge against the fold of the fabrics. Cut 2 pieces of the front piece.

Step 4
Placing the front and back right sides together, pin and sew the shoulder points together. Press the seam flat.

Step 5
Flatten out the top and measure the arm hole. This is the measurement of the top part of the sleeve. Measure this out on a folded piece of fabric and then cut a narrow trapezoid out in the fabric. Make sure the measurement is at least 1.5 longer than your arm. Cut at the fold to create 2 pieces.

Step 6
This a cheaters way of attaching a sleeve… sorry! Pin the top of the sleeve to the flattened armhole right sides facing. Sew together at a 5/8 seam. There might be puckering but this adds to the puffy aesthetic of the sleeve. Press the seams flat.

Step 7
Close the top and sew the arm and side seams right sides facing. Press the seams flat.

Step 8
Finish the edges of the top by folding over the edge twice and stitching down.

Step 9
Cut a long rectangle on the fold of the fabric, I went for 50 cm in length to get an unfolded length of 1m. Make sure the width is the same as the start of the wrap on the front of the top. Cut 2 of these, they will become the ties.

Step 10
Fold the ties in half lengthways and sew closed down one side,  leaving one end open. Trim the seam, turn to the inside and press flat. Top stitch a 1/4 inch stitch around the edge of the ties.

Step 11
Attach the ties to the ends of the front. Sew them right sides together, then fold over and sew the seam flat. Press Flat.

Step 12
Pick a side to be the front wrap and make a mark at the waist on that side. Place the tie below that mark and pin on both sides to mark where the opening should be.
Open the seam between the two points and stitch back the seam allowances to finish the opening. Sew a small stitch in the top and bottom of the opening so it does unravel further.

Puff those Sleeves

Step 13
Time to make the sleeves puffy! Right now they should look like a large bell sleeve. Hem the end of the sleeve by folding over twice and sewing.

Step 14
Fold the sleeve out so that it is inline with the shoulder seam. Starting near the shoulder place a pin in the centre and another about 3 inches down. Pull the lower pin up to meet the higher pin, creating a small fold in the sleeve. Secure in place with a vertical stitch. do this 2-3 more times going down the sleeve towards the hem. Then flip over to the other side of the sleeve and repeat in the same places as the front. Do the same for the other sleeve.

Step 15
You can either leave the sleeves end open or sew some elastic inside to make it a fitted sleeve.

DIY Puff Sleeve Wrap Top

That’s it! All done, now you can get on Instagram and show everyone your version of this super trendy wrap top.