DIY Inspired: Rihanna ‘WILD THOUGHTS’ Top

DIY Inspired: Rihanna ‘WILD THOUGHTS’ Top

I had an inspired moment whilst researching for the next DIY. I was listening to Wild Thoughts by DJ Khaled, Rihanna and Bryson Tiller  and it hit me…. That top Rihanna wears in the video, (the whole outfit) I need that. I was already leaning towards making a version of the off the shoulder top so I immediately got to work on making this for you. I am so happy how this one turned out. I might make a few more. SO… Read on if you want to channel your inner RiRi…



You Need

Sheer Fabric- I used 2M of this red chiffon
Elastic Thread
Matching Thread
Sewing Machine
Measuring Tape
Marking Pen


How To

Measurements to take

For the main bodice measure across your bust and multiply this number by 1.8. Then measure from your armpit to your natural waist. Use both measurement to mark a rectangle on your fabric. Add 1 inch seam allowance to both measurements.

For the sleeves, measure around your Bicep and multiply by 1.8. then measure from your shoulder to the tip of your middle finger. Use these measurements to mark out a rectangle. Cut 2 of these for the sleeves.


First, hem the long edges of the bodice and the shorter edges of the sleeves. This will make construction much easier overall.

Working on the sleeves first, from one of the hemmed edges, measure 7-8 inches inwards. This is about the length of your hand. Mark that line with either a pen or pins. Make 4 more lines 1cm apart continuing upwards. (see video)
These are the guidelines we are going to use to shirr the fabric together.

Replace the bobbin on the machine with a bobbin with elastic thread on it. You may have to hand wind this if you don’t use your machine. Once it’s in the machine you can then treat the thread like any other thread.

Place the sleeve under the needle rights sides facing up. Using the lowest stitch length process to stitch a straight line, following your marked lines on the fabric. Remember to backstitch at the beginning and end of the line.

Hold the fabric steady and flat during sewing as the fabric will try to gather immediately. Once you have sewn your 4 lines you should have a nice gathered section.

Do the same process for the bodice measuring 3 inches from the hemmed edge. Make 2-3 lines of shirring to create a small ruffle.

Put It Together

Switch out the bobbin case for your normal thread, and then fold your sleeves together right sides facing. Sew a straight stitch to close the sleeve, do the same for the bodice.  (see Video)

Lay the bodice flat right sides out, with the back seam as the bottom layer. Cut a quarter circle from one corner of the folded bodice and them use the cutting as a template to cut the same shape on the other side.

Use the template again to cut out the same shape on the sleeves. Fold the sleeves with the seam facing to one side. Cut out the shape on the seamed side.


Attach the sleeves to the bodice by matching the cut out armholes together.  Sew at a 5/8 seam. (see Video)

All that’s left to so now is shirr 2-3 lines around the top of the bodice and sleeves combined. This should give you a good shape to hang off your shoulders.

Snip all threads and tidy …. and you are all finished!!!!!!


I had a lot of fun with this DIY, it was quite easy to make so this would suit a beginner who is looking to start using different kinds of threads and techniques.


Let me know what your Wild Thoughts are in the comments below!!!

wild thoughts top
wild thoughts top wild thoughts top