DIY: Copper Pipe Ladder

DIY: Copper Pipe Ladder

Will I ever stop loving the Copper Pipe? Probably not.

The downstairs area of the studio is looking well…. LAME.IMG_1975This space is where I chill out and eat cookies reflect. I think for optimum cookie eating reflecting, this place needs sprucing up. A few DIY”s here, a bit of paint there and I think we will have something special.
So let”s start with a DIY  using one of my fave materials at the moment: Copper Pipe.
Since I discovered a little while ago how easy it is to cut, (with the right tool) the copper pipe and I have become fast friends.
Today I whipped up this Copper Ladder in just under 40 mins. What”s not to love? Fast, easy and compared to some finds on Etsy, low-cost too.

finished prodWhat to make your own? Good, I thought as much.
I lovingly made a video for you to follow along with as well as a picture tutorial with all the details in.
Timers ready? Let”s Go!!!


Copper Pipe (15mm diameter) I used 4 meters and had very little left over.
6x Copper T Fittings (15mm)
4x Copper End Caps (15mm)
Super glue or Gorilla Glue
Measuring Tape
15mm Pipe cutter
Wire Wool
Safety Gloves
Marker Pen
Arm Muscles (you will need them)

Measure your copper pipe. use the measuring tape and the marker to mark the cut lines. I wanted a ladder that was about 4 feet high. So after a few calculations I measured and cut the following lengths:

2 x 9 inch pieces
4 x 12 inch pieces
5 x 18 inch pieces

Use the Pipe cutter to cut the lengths at the marker points. Do this by placing the pipe in and centering the marker at the blade. Tighten the clamp to hold in place. Then… twist , twist, twist and tighten until the blade cuts through the pipe. *you may have sore arm muscles after this,  you will be doing this 11 times!!*




Once you have cut your pipe, Polish them up with the wire wool. Remember to run the wool across the top and end of each pipe to sand down the sharp bits.  NICE AND SHINY!!!

Do a practice run and put the ladder together. This is a good time to check the look of the ladder and also decide if you want more rungs or additional pieces.

I laid them out in this order:


The 9 inch pieces are for the two top ends.
The 18 inch pieces are for the two bottom legs and the three ladder rungs.
The 12 inch pieces are for the spaces between the rungs.
The t- fitting will keep all the pieces together and the end caps will go on the top and bottom of the ladder.


When you are happy with the layout you can start to glue them together.

Use the glue and place a small drop or thin layer inside the fittings. Use a paint brush to spread the glue.

Place the pipe inside the fitting and hold together for a couple of seconds. Start with the rungs to the t-fttings first then work on the spacers and legs.
*the gorilla glue will take a little longer to grip/dry and also needs water, please read the instructions on the package to use properly)

Make sure to clean up any excess glue spilling out from the fittings, give it a final check and leave it to fully dry. (10 mins should do it ) and give it a final polish with the wool.


IMG_2035That”s it!!
I really love this. It was so easy and gives me the minimalist cool vibe I was going for. It will probably end up being another place to store fabric *I”m an addict:- fabric addict that is.
What do you think I should put on here? Fabric, Magazines, sunglasses and accessories? Should I just make one for each of them?