Welcome to The Crafterpreneur, a website for budding makers, creators,  do-it-yourselfers and the curiously messy. I love creating DIY videos and tutorials that show you how to make the latest trends in home decor and fashion, and share my tips, tricks and life hacks for making and creating. If you love to get your hands dirty, are always looking at new and inventive ways to recreate your favourite things and are inspired daily to make something from nothing…Well, you are in the right place! So, poke around, get nosey, get inspired to start/continue your journey to the craftside.


Back in 2009, I was bored. Like really bored. All I seemed to be doing was waking up, going to my job which I hated and then going home again. A pretty sad existence really. I needed something, ANYTHING to change my situation.

Enter the Sewing machine.

At the time, DIY was still a fairly small movement, nothing like it is today. I would read fashion blogs and just wish I could have even a fraction of the creativity these women had. One post in particular got me thinking. It was a DIY for a Clutch bag and it required a sewing machine. This bag was the S*** and I just had to have one for myself.. but a sewing machine? I had no idea how to use one or where I would even start if I had one. A few clicks later and I had enrolled myself into a short after-work beginners sewing course. I knew how to hand sew but this was different…  I really wanted that clutch bag.

I walked into that first lesson with a note pad and walked out with a cushion that I had made and sewn with my BARE HANDS. It was really a lightbulb moment for me. Like sunshine lighting up a gloomy corner.

Well, I was addicted after that… and I have been sewing ever since.  Fast forward to now and making things is such a part of me that I cannot imagine a life without it. I still consider myself a newbie. (even after all this time)

Sewing and creating outfits for myself naturally progressed to trying my hand at other things. Furniture, Home Decor, Jewellery, Footwear, Millinery, Woodworking, Knitting… Honestly, the list goes on and I am always looking at new skills to learn and new techniques to master.

Over here at The Crafterpreneur you will find a whole bunch of tutorials and DIY’s but also an insight to my personal life, travels and creative journey. This is a friendly space to share, inform and learn. and maybe show a cat picture or two.  #noshame #catlady